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Mission Statement
Lapaz Community Hospital seek to provide high quality medical services to its valued customers at the least possible cost without compromising on the quality of services it renders to its patients. This has been accomplished through:

  • Highly motivated and competent staff.
  • Commitment to excellent  customers care
  • Sound managerial practices.
  • Use of the state-of-the-art medical technology
  • Well-maintained infrastructure
  • Efficient and reliable hospital information system.
  • Maintaining favourable hospital corporate image.


To lower health delivery cost to clients by regularly seeking and satisfying a greater number of corporate institutions and families; each to pay affordable consultation, laboratory and other treatment charges.

To provide as much as possible the medical needs of the populace in the catchment area of the hospital and beyond.

Lapaz Community Hospital will always strive to be one of the leading hospitals with a presence in major locations in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana by the year 2020.


The hospital is limited liability organization registered on 19th September 2003 as the Lapaz Community Hospital Limited with Registration Number CA-7977. It operates under a three member Board of Directors. The Founder, CEO and Managing Director is Dr. Kingsley Tettey and the Medical Director is Dr. Joy Tettey.

General Description
Lapaz Community Hospital started as a clinic on 2nd May, 2004 in a single story facility. Through prudent and sound managerial practice backed by good healthcare delivery, the clinic after three years of operation flourished and expanded its facility. It is presently, the fully-fledged Lapaz Community Hospital in a twin two-storey buildings and adjoining four-storey complex.
In 2008 Lapaz Community Hospital opened an annex at Christian Village Junction, Achimota, Accra. All operations are fully computerized making services quick and efficient.

On the average, the hospital treats four hundred (400) cases daily. The number includes general and specialized cases.

  Gynaecology Clinic
Children's Clinic
Ante-natal / Post-natal Clinic
E.N.T. Clinic
Health Screening
Psychiatric Clinic
Physiotherapy Clinic
Emergency Line :+233 50 160 6507
Main Lapaz Branch:
Tel: 00233 50 160 6507 / 00233 54 019 2894
Annex Branch (Achimota)
Tel: 00233 30 241 0106 /0233 30 2410 691
      00233 54 012 2682 /0233 50 160 6508

A 55-year-old woman on Tuesday 26th April 2016, delivered through an invitro fertilization (IVF) at the Lapaz Community Hospital in Accra

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