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Hours of Operation
We tailor the hospital service to the convenience of customers. Thus we maintain a 24-hour service schedule.

Relationship Management Plan
Our intent is to build bonds that last. We therefore ensure the creation and constant nurturing of systems to manage relationships; to maintain and enhance them.

Quality Service System

  1. Inspired leadership throughout the organization.
  2. Customer-minded corporate culture.
  3. Excellent service design.

Customer loyalty Systems
To faster customer loyalty we undertake the following:

  1. We strive to present a realistic picture of our service to clients.
  2. We Endeavour to perform the service right the first time.
  3. We communicate effectively with clients.
  4. We continuously evaluate and improve our performance against client expectations.

Customer Unit

A Public Relation Outfit in collaboration with a Quality Assurance Team comprising members from each department of  the hospital apply attentive and responsive approach to client problems.

  Gynaecology Clinic
Children's Clinic
Ante-natal / Post-natal Clinic
E.N.T. Clinic
Health Screening
Psychiatric Clinic
Physiotherapy Clinic
Emergency Line :+233 50 160 6507
Main Lapaz Branch:
Tel: 00233 50 160 6507 / 00233 54 019 2894
Annex Branch (Achimota)
Tel: 00233 30 241 0106 /0233 30 2410 691
      00233 54 012 2682 /0233 50 160 6508

A 55-year-old woman on Tuesday 26th April 2016, delivered through an invitro fertilization (IVF) at the Lapaz Community Hospital in Accra

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