The mission of the department of pharmacy is to ensure the safe and appropriate use of medications in order to provide optimal pharmaceutical care to all patients attending LAPAZ COMMUNITY HOSPITAL. Optimal pharmaceutical care is defined as the identification, resolution and prevention of drug related problems that affect positive patient outcomes. This is achieved through a team approach that effectively integrates the knowledge and skill of the pharmacist with that of other healthcare professionals. Our vision is therefore to guide optimal pharmaceutical care by having the pharmacy provide a central and vital role in all aspects of medication management. To fulfill this responsibility Pharmacy is involved with decision making and actions relating to the procurement, storage, preparation, dispensing, distribution and administration of all drug products. Pharmacy also provides information to support judgments regarding medication selection, dosage, method of administration and monitoring of therapy.

The Pharmacy department consist of three dispensaries and two Medical stores. The Dispensaries are the Main dispensary and Block E pharmacy, all located the Main branch of Lapaz community hospital and the annex dispensary located at the annex branch of Lapaz Community Hospital. The stores are at each branch of Lapaz Community Hospital.

The Department of Pharmacy serves patients of all ages, physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and hospital administration.

Services are provided by licensed pharmacists supported by pharmacy technicians and other members of the departmental staff.

Delivery Of Care
Pharmaceutical Care is provided from the dispensaries, which include main dispensary, block E dispensary and annex dispensary. Pharmacists and support staff consult with prescribers, check and fill medication orders and monitor patient medication therapy to ensure the safe and appropriate use of pharmaceuticals.

Availability Of Services
The main and annex dispensaries are available at 24 hours a day at all times. The Block E dispensary opens on weekdays 8am-4pm

Clinic Schedule

Day Time (all times GMT) Branch
All Days 24hrs Main/Annex

Frequently Asked Questions

This is my first visit. What should I do?

Speak to any of our front desk personnel and let them know this is your first time at Lapaz community hospital. You will be required to fill a registration form and submit form to front desk personnel. On the form you will be required to indicate the mode of payment whether as cash or on credit based on insurance or employer coverage. After registration you will be provided with a hospital identification number which will be indicated on your LCH card. You will be required to make a payment first.

How do I schedule a medical appointment with a specialist at Lapaz community hospital?

Please call us on 0503858022 to schedule your appointment. We are open 24 hours a day. You can also email us at  with your details and requests and our customer service team will get back to you.

If you are planning to visit Lapaz Community Hospital for the first time, please provide your full name, place, contact number and the name of the Department/Doctor you wish to get an appointment with.

If you are coming for a review, please provide the hospital number on your hospital ID card/Discharge summary.

I have already taken an appointment via Phone/Online, where should I report when I get to the Hospital?

Please carry your hospital card provided to you during your first registration or at least your hospital number whenever you visit LCH. Please approach any Front Desk personnel who will then guide you further. If you do not remember your Hospital Number, then please provide the answers to the queries asked by the front office staff who will then retrieve your Number. However, do not register again and obtain a new registration number.